Data Factory is giving an opportunity to all highly motivated people to join hands with us and sell database to others.So we use to sale bulk database in all segment and at cheaper rate so that our partners who are willing to partner with us can buy database by keeping their sufficient profit while selling. We are eager to make tie-up with new people to increase their income and also help them to select the price at which they should sale database to their clients. We also provide discount on our bulk database to our special partners. For this type of dealing one have to purchase minimum database of Rs 25000/- and discount may vary according to the types of database they are buying. It can be 10%, 20% or more than that. We will also guide our partners to take right database according to recent market demand. There is very less risk in this type of trading and if you take database from us, we will assure you that you won’t incur any loss by following our advice . So to get our reliable database give us a call and for details visit our contact us page.