Forex Traders Database

Our company gives database services of all sectors Equity, Commodity, HNI, Forex, Ncdex, Email, Financial etc for our clients. So here we are going to discuss about Forex Market which also known as currency market. The currency market includes selling, buying and exchanging of currencies at recent and determining price. In terms of trading currency market is the largest market in the world. The major types of participants in this market are central bank, leading institutions, Forex Broker, Forex Traders and trading house. So we use to provide genuine and Fresh Forex Trader Database to our clients. In this market we can find many types of buyers and seller under Forex market. Forex are known as Interbank Market because most of the dealers are banks in this market.

Forex Market Data Provider

As Forex Traders Database Providers our company  provide the best Forex Stock Exchange Database that any other Forex Market Data Providers cannot provide. Our forex related contacts are all collected from relevant sources. We always been provide Forex database at unbeatable price and now it’s the time to take our database because the price can vary according to market situation. Forex trading is more efficient in our daily life that we don’t realize. Usually we will do this kind of transaction while traveling abroad and when we need other countries currency. We have been doing currency trading while doing import export business, starting new business in overseas, buying properties outside India etc.

Forex Stock Market Database Provider

There is a good relationship between stock market and forex market. Many times, the movements of the stock markets can give effect in currency trading for example in some cases if stock market rises then currency also rises and in other case if stock rises then currency can fall. It actually occurs when a domestic equity market rises it brings confidence for that country and so inflow of funds occurs from foreign investors as foreign currency and in other case when domestic equity market falls then foreign investors convert their invest money into their own country currency which is one of the main reasons in this relation. So clients have to keep knowledge about correlation between stock and forex market to identify the positive side or negative side position of the market. So we are always providing the fresh and reliable database to those special clients who trade on this kind of database.

Forex Commodity Database Provider

Forex and commodity are in a correlation with each other in many cases. For example due to export of oil price there are correlation between Canadian dollar with Japan, Australia with New Zealand in gold and oil prices and if traders want to earn profit from this market, they have to know the time of correlation trading property or else if relationship break down occurs, traders can incur huge loss so traders have to know about the positive and negative situation of the market. This correlation occurs because Canada is a major exporter of oil and Japan is one of the main importers of oil and in case of gold Australia is a major exporter of it and New Zealand is the major importer of gold, so in this way many countries are correlated with commodity products and as a Forex Market Data Provider we always provide genuine database of this kind and help them to give those database at perfect time.

Australian Currency Traders Data

Australian currency is one of the most frequently traded currencies in the market. The experienced currency traders don’t want the highest leverage levels to manage their risk when currency trading in Australia. So we provide database of experienced Australia currency traders to all over the countries.

Australia use to export many types of natural sources which are in high demand, they are:

  • Oil
  • Gold
  • Agricultural Products
  • Diamonds
  • Iron Ore
  • Uranium
  • Nickel
  • Coal etc
Penny Stocks Data Provider

Penny stock is one of the riskiest trading segments in capital market but if traders have the guts to take risk they can earn good profit because in any business no risk no gain. For penny stocks investors’, the low price is a big thing so instead of buying 10 shares of a big company like T.C.S, they can buy 10,000 shares with the same money. As a Forex Data Feed Provider we always give fresh and latest database of penny stock to our clients. And we also provide Forex Market data free database to our clients to check our database accuracy with 90-95% and with genuine details.